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Once Upon A Time In Canada: Chapter 2 — Aug 30, 2015

Once Upon A Time In Canada: Chapter 2

Entering their house, Port Hawkesbury, carrying the sleeping Pictou in her arms, and Stellarton shut the door behind themselves. As Stellarton locked the door, Port Hawkesbury set Pictou down on the floor. Pictou woke up, opening his eyes, and he began to crawl around instantly. While he crawled about, Pictou scanned around himself, and sniffed the air, the floor, and various other objects – like the leg of a table, and a seagrass basket filled with forest berries.

Port Hawkesbury approached Pictou and stroked him very affectionately. “My name’s Port Hawkesbury. I’m your mother,” she introduced herself in French. Pictou understood, and he sniffed her feet.

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Once Upon A Time In Canada: Chapter 1 — Aug 29, 2015

Once Upon A Time In Canada: Chapter 1

THWACK! A pillow hit Port Hawkesbury Birchwood over her head. But this wasn’t abuse – she and her husband, Stellarton Bridges-Drummond, were playing around with each other. Stellarton tugged at her bedsheet, causing her to fall, crashing to the floor with a huge THUD! “Ouch,” said Port Hawkesbury, rubbing herself. “That hurt a little bit.” Stellarton laughed out loud, and soon enough, she laughed with him.

Now, they were beginning to feel deep passion inside both their bodies, moaning and groaning amorously as they groomed each other. Stellarton linked his arms with Port Hawkesbury’s. “Let’s get into bed,” he suggested. “Alright,” whispered Port Hawkesbury lovingly, and the two of them slipped into their double bed. Stellarton pulled the duvet over themselves – and they began to make the most passionate love they’d ever made in their lives.

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Once Upon A Time In Canada – Complete! — Aug 27, 2015

Once Upon A Time In Canada – Complete!

After three years in the making, the masterpiece of my literary life, Once Upon A Time In Canada, is finally complete!

It’s taken so many hours of writing, re-writing, typing and re-typing, but it’s finally done and ready to be published!

You can read the full, uncut story here:

I’ve also written a script to adapt the story into a film. The script can be read here:

(Each chapter is separate.)

I will soon be posting each chapter of the story onto my blog, so follow me if you want to read it!

Flags At The Park (2002) — Aug 24, 2015

Flags At The Park (2002)

Today’s exhibition is slightly different as it’s not a picture I’m going to be exhibiting, but a book – the first of its kind on this blog!

Flags at the Park

(Click on the link above to open the book in your browser. You will need Adobe Reader installed to view the book. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free at

As you may know from reading my life story so far, I love geography and personifying places to give them more human-like qualities and personalities. Although it is my prime interest now, back in 2002 it was just an area that I experimented with to see if it caught my attention enough. This is where the Flags series of books came in, aiming to personify every country in the world… by drawing them as flags.

Back then, my stories would often be self-titled, explaining where the characters would be going or what they would be doing. So this one is called Flags At The Park, where… the Flags go to the park. Nowadays, my stories have names that are a little more cryptic as to the storyline, but for now you can enjoy reading (well, I say reading, but it’s more of a picture book than a storybook, so you’ll just follow the story with the pictures) the first entry of the Flags series!

View From Pereira Apartment (2002) — Aug 17, 2015

View From Pereira Apartment (2002)


You may have read back when I told my life story so far that when I was 11, I moved to the far-off land of Colombia in South America. But you may not know that I’m of Colombian heritage (on my mother’s side, anyway), and I’ve visited Colombia about seven times during my life, including the time I lived there.

I drew this imagining of a view in the central Colombian city of Pereira, around where I always stay whenever I visit Colombia. As I sat at the table looking out through the balcony window outwards towards the city, I imagined my own version of the cityscape, adding my personal touches to the view. The result was this piece – largely simplified from the real-life counterpart due to me being 7 years old at the time. I added the rainbow because of my fascination with rainbows when I drew this picture.

The murals on the wall are based on the actual walls in front of the apartment where I was staying on this particular visit to Colombia. Obviously, the real murals look far more detailed than how they are drawn here!

Fun fact: many of the pictures that I drew in 2002 were drawn in Colombia. This was probably because I had so much paper, pencils and pens to draw and write with while I was staying there.

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