The fourth artwork exhibition post of my blog!

This time, here’s the front cover of a slightly-forgotten future literary gem from 2002, Children At Jellybarker. Why that name? I just randomly thought up of my own name for an imaginary land that would sound appealing to children. They love jelly, right? So I decided to call this imaginary land Jellybarker – not sure where I got the ‘barker’ bit from. Probably so it would sound like a ‘normal’ place name? The story somewhat follows the Jack and the Beanstalk storyline, in that a pair of kids find some magic beans and plant them in their garden, which teleports them to the titular world of imagination.

Sadly, as with most of the books I write, Children At Jellybarker remains unfinished – I only drew about five pages before I let it slip to the sidelines indefinitely. But I always like to exhibit unfinished works by showing the scraps (for drawings) or the first few pages (for books) so other people can make up their minds as to how it’ll finish.