I’ve literally just come back today from the movie theatre, fresh from seeing Pixels. Remember Wreck-It Ralph, that Disney adventure from a couple of years ago featuring famous faces from every corner of the video gaming world? Pixels is just like that, only more… grown-up.

The beginning of the movie takes us back in time to the summer of 1982, when the video gaming craze is at its zenith. Two kids go to their local arcade to waste many quarters on trying their hands at the games that were new at the time – classics such as Donkey KongPac-Man and Space Invaders. Then a national video game championship, sponsored by the giants of the industry (like Atari, Namco and Nintendo), catches their attention – NASA will be taping the championships and releasing the video into space in the hope that it will one day be found by extraterrestrial beings.

However, 30 years later, the video games mysteriously come to life, and land back on Earth, intent on pixellating anything (and anyone) in their path. This triggers an international military crisis, but two unlikely heroes step in – the nerds from the beginning must now put all those hours of gaming they wasted as kids to good use and save the world from destruction… by their video game heroes.

I’m a huge fan of video games for as long as I remember, and today I never go without my Nintendo 3DS in my pocket to pick up StreetPass hits. After seeing Wreck-It Ralph, I could see that there was a new market for video game characters in movies. While Pixels‘ line-up of famous faces from the industry isn’t quite as big as Wreck-It Ralph‘s, it still manages to delight gamers with its sprinklings of gaming lingo (“cheat codes”) and history. The nerds even meet the creator of Pac-Man and make a new gamer friend along the way!

If I ever wanted to make a movie based on video games (and considering some of my artwork, I most likely will!), then I wouldn’t just include characters from either the classics or the more recent hits, like Wreck-It Ralph and Pixels. I’d include everybody – kind of like Super Smash Bros. in movie form. Now THAT would be a true gaming epic.