You may have read back when I told my life story so far that when I was 11, I moved to the far-off land of Colombia in South America. But you may not know that I’m of Colombian heritage (on my mother’s side, anyway), and I’ve visited Colombia about seven times during my life, including the time I lived there.

I drew this imagining of a view in the central Colombian city of Pereira, around where I always stay whenever I visit Colombia. As I sat at the table looking out through the balcony window outwards towards the city, I imagined my own version of the cityscape, adding my personal touches to the view. The result was this piece – largely simplified from the real-life counterpart due to me being 7 years old at the time. I added the rainbow because of my fascination with rainbows when I drew this picture.

The murals on the wall are based on the actual walls in front of the apartment where I was staying on this particular visit to Colombia. Obviously, the real murals look far more detailed than how they are drawn here!

Fun fact: many of the pictures that I drew in 2002 were drawn in Colombia. This was probably because I had so much paper, pencils and pens to draw and write with while I was staying there.