The second book exhibition of my blog!

The Rainbow Door (2002 Version)

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Back in 2002, Monsters Inc. was the newest Disney/Pixar movie at the flicks (see my Inside Out movie review to find out why I’m such a big fan of them). Usually, whenever I see a film by them, ideas from those movies will inevitably inspire me to write my own stories based on those elements (although obviously not entirely, as that would be plagiarism). The idea of a door factory in Monsters Inc. attracted the most attention from 7-year-old me, as did the idea of doors which could transport you anywhere in the world. (I wish there was a door which would magically transport me to Canada.)

This inspiration resulted in The Rainbow Door – the tale of a mysterious door which one day appears at the local door factory of an unspecified city (I couldn’t come up with a name for the city back then). The door’s apparently unexpected appearance causes the locals confusion and curiosity as to where this new door will take them to, and sets them up for an adventure through the veins of the door factory in search of its destination.

I actually drew two versions of this book, one in 2002 and another in 2003. The basic storyline remains more or less the same, but the characters are different for each version. This is the 2002 version of the book, featuring such classic childhood characters as the Powerpuff Girls and the Tweenies. The 2003 version will be exhibited next week.