The third book exhibition of my blog!

The Rainbow Door (2003 Version)

(Click on the link above to open the book in your browser. You will need Adobe Reader installed to view the book. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free at

You may remember that last week, I was exhibiting The Rainbow Door, a book from 2002 I drew inspired by the door factories in the Disney/Pixar film Monsters Inc. You may also remember that I drew two versions of the book.

This week, I’m exhibiting the 2003 version of the book. While the basic storyline remains virtually unchanged, a lot of the characters have. The Powerpuff Girls, Tweenies and Jellikins from the 2002 version have been replaced in this version with Pokemon, flags… and flying crayons. Mike from Monsters Inc. (which this story was inspired by in the first place) even makes an appearance! Maybe this could be an early Monsters Inc. fanfiction?

Since I’ve gone over the details of the book’s basic story in the exhibition of the 2002 version, there’s no point going it over again here. However, you can download both the 2002 and 2003 versions of the book and find out the differences for yourself.