The fifth book exhibition of my blog!

The Cat Party (2004 Version)

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As a primary school girl, I used to read a series of little storybooks known as ‘Learn With Biff, Chip & Kipper’ (that’s the name it’s known by now, I don’t know if it had an actual name back then). The books followed five kids and their dog who would explore various themes such as starting school, a new baby and being addicted to TV/video games. When I read the books in my schooldays, the kids had a key that would magically transport them to wherever they wished to go. One particular story focused on Kipper, one of the kids, being transported to a convention for teddy bears from all over the world in… Bern, Switzerland (see what I did there?)

That story inspired me to write/draw The Cat Party, about a day out to a convention for cats, who replace the bears. Like The Rainbow Door, I wrote and illustrated two versions of the book – this one is the 2004 version. If you read the book, you might notice that two of the characters are Pokemon – namely Dragonite (Anneeda) and Meganium (Dumbo). I was highly into Pokemon at the time of writing this book, so naturally that would cause me to incorporate them into my drawings and stories, rather like fanfiction. The other two characters are a cat (simply named Kitty) and Sherwit, a friendly shark. I got his name from a ‘Knock Knock’ joke in one of my old PC games where I thought I could hear the name ‘Sherwit’, and thought it would be a good name for a shark. Oh, and I almost forgot there’s a pig too.

The story follows the gang as they prepare to set off to the annual Cat Party, which as I mentioned before is a convention for cats. However, a rogue cat (who presumably didn’t get to perform at the show because of his badness) is secretly watching the other cats from behind the stage, jealous of the attention they’re getting. He plots to ‘catnap’ the lucky participants as revenge for his exclusion from the line-up, and now Dumbo (Meganium) and Sherwit must free the performers in order for the show to go on.

As mentioned before, I’ve written two versions of The Cat Party; the 2005 version will be exhibited next week.

(On a small sidenote: This was the first book I completed to contain words along with pictures, rather than the picture books I drew before.)