The sixth book exhibition of my blog!

The Cat Party (2005 Version)

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Last week, I exhibited a literary gem of mine called The Cat Party. You may remember that I wrote and illustrated two versions of this book, one in 2004 (the version I exhibited last week) and the other in 2005. What you may not know is that I created a brand-new set of characters, named the Adventure Advanced Gang, for this version…

During a lesson at primary school, I became distracted and started to put a book together. I decided to write another Cat Party, but give the characters a complete overhaul from the last version. That’s where the Adventure Advanced Gang originated. Deciding to collect all my favourite cartoon characters together in one gang to write fanfictions about seemed like a great idea to me – I was somewhat inspired by House of Mouse, a TV series featuring all the Disney characters – but for some originality, I decided to throw some of my own characters into the mix. And thus the Adventure Advanced Gang was born.

The story starts off on a slightly different note from the 2004 version, but it more or less remains the same – the friends go to visit a convention for cats (see the 2004 version for where I got this idea from), but a rogue cat is angry at being left out of the show and plans to exact revenge by kidnapping the performing cats so he can steal the show for himself.

I’ve now written a blog post describing each member of the Adventure Advanced Gang in detail – find it both above and here.