The seventh book exhibition of my blog!

The Adventure Advanced Gang Meet Krypto The Superdog

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Last week, I exhibited the 2005 version of The Cat Party, marking the Adventure Advanced Gang‘s first story in their own series. Unfortunately, the ‘true’ second instalment of the series, The Adventure Advanced Gang Go To The Funfair, was lost to the past forever, and only three books from the series survive in my creative portfolio. This book, The Adventure Advanced Gang Meet Krypto The Superdog, will thus act as the second instalment.

One day, the Adventure Advanced Gang set out to visit Krypto the Superdog at his home in another town. Once they arrive, they have some fun together, like watching their DVDs on Krypto’s TV, reading their books, going for a short spin in his Supervan, and even buying some merchandise of the Superdog himself.

At the time of creating this book, the Krypto The Superdog cartoon series was airing on TV, inspiring me to fabricate my own accounts of the dog’s adventures. So this could be considered a fanfiction of the KTSD series, or since Krypto was originally Superman’s animal sidekick, the Superman series as a whole! And as the Adventure Advanced Gang is essentially a mix of my favourite cartoon characters along with some original characters, it could also be considered fanfiction of the series they’re originally from.

Since only three Adventure Advanced Gang stories survive, the next book I exhibit from this series will be the final piece of the ‘trilogy’.