• The ‘leader’ (first member) of the Adventure Advanced Gang.
  • Resembles a canary due to her yellow feathers.
  • Cheerful and has a great sense of humour.
  • Likes telling ‘Knock Knock’ jokes to her fellow gang members.
  • Is best friends with Quilla, Cat and Raichu.
  • Likes to read her favourite book, Billy Bird, every now and then.


Pluso (Plusle, Pokemon)

  • One of Bird’s regular travelling pals.
  • Loves watching TV and reading books about famous cats.
  • She even got the chance to meet them up close at the annual Cat Party!
  • Will always look out for her sister, Minusya.
  • Is also friends with Cat.


Minusya (Minun, Pokemon)

  • Pluso’s sister.
  • Doesn’t go travelling as much with the gang as Pluso.
  • Seems to be a little less talkative than her ‘big’ sister.
  • She still enjoys socialising with her fellow gang members, however.
  • Will always look out for Pluso.
  • She and her sister are friends with Cat.


Mickey Mouse (Disney)

  • Possibly the most ‘fun’ of all the gang members.
  • Likes to joke and laugh.
  • Very friendly and has a great sense of humour.
  • He is friends with everybody else in the gang.


Quilla (Torchic, Pokemon)

  • Second-youngest member of the gang (after Patch).
  • Talks very little due to her age.
  • Likes to read and draw pictures, especially of her fellow gang members.
  • Also likes to write letters to her friends who live in far-off places.
  • Likes to collect merchandise, such as notebooks, clocks and pencils.


Patch (Petz)

  • Youngest member of the gang.
  • Likes to draw in her art pad and stick the pictures up on the fridge and around the walls.
  • She and Quilla like to share artworks with each other and give informal comments.
  • Is looked after by her mother, Surrell.


Surrell (Petz)

  • Patch’s mother.
  • Takes her on outings.
  • Sometimes Patch doesn’t know where they’re going, so she tells her.
  • Buys toys and art pads for Patch.
  • Loves to admire Patch’s artworks.
  • Loves watching Patch and Quilla have a friendly chatter with each other.



  • Is a rare breed of pure-brown cat.
  • Best friends with Bird, Pluso, Minusya, Quilla, Pig and Raichu.
  • Loves to read about her favourite cartoon characters.
  • Loves to write in her notepad about upcoming ‘Cat Shows’.
  • She is a fan of the annual ‘Cat Party‘ and makes sure she visits every year to catch a glimpse of her favourite cat stars.



  • Is a traditional pink pig.
  • Best friends with Cat.
  • Loves reading books about fictional pigs (like Piglet or Porky Pig!)
  • He and Cat sometimes read together.
  • Sometimes draws pictures.


Raichu (Pokemon)

  • Extrovert – loves to socialise.
  • Usually organises days out for the rest of the gang.
  • Every morning, she loves to watch cartoons on TV, like Looney Tunes.
  • Has a big collection of DVDs of her favourite cartoons, back-to-back.
  • Best friends with Bird, Pluso, Minusya, Mickey, Quilla and Cat.


Virgo (Vigoroth, Pokemon)

  • The eleventh member of the gang.
  • The others met him at the funfair, and they quickly clicked.
  • They then welcomed him into the gang, although he doesn’t actually live with them.
  • Very friendly and outgoing.
  • Loves to chat with the rest of the gang.
  • He sometimes goes with the gang on their outings so they can enjoy some ‘friends’ time’ together.


Krypto (Krypto The SuperdogSuperman)

  • The ‘unofficial’ twelfth member of the gang.
  • Since he doesn’t actually live with the gang, he is a ‘provisional’ member.
  • Lives alone, so his friends often visit him to avoid loneliness.
  • When his friends come to visit, he often takes them on outings in his Supervan.
  • Collects merchandise of himself to remind him of his origins.