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The Trouble With Danger November (2006) — Oct 26, 2015

The Trouble With Danger November (2006)

The tenth book exhibition of my blog!

The Trouble With Danger November

(Click on the link above to open the book in your browser. You will need Adobe Reader installed to view the book. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free at

Last week, I exhibited a couple of pages from the Day Stories book, mentioning that I created the Months and Days at around the same time but concentrated more on the Days for a little while (this was after I moved to Colombia).

OK, I know I said I moved onto the Months after briefly focusing on the Days, but there was a time in between those eras when the two franchises crossed over into one – essentially a ‘calendar series’ of sorts. Mixing the two together and adding dashes of inspiration from both the children’s comedy series of superhero books, Captain Underpants, and the 1980s British cartoon show Danger Mouse, I created Danger November.

This series revolved around June and Sunday, who one day decide to hypnotize their mean school principal, November, into thinking that she is a superhero. As a result, she transforms into Danger November – a woman in black and red with a swooping cape, flying around the land to save her fellow citizens from whatever evil powers are trying to make their lives a misery.

This comic was written and drawn to inform my audiences about the legend of Danger November and how she came to be – a silly fantasy held by two elementary schoolboys which became a reality, albeit not in the way they expected.

I’ll elaborate more on Danger November and her abilities in the next few exhibitions, since I have quite a few DN comics in my portfolio.

Short Story: The Clocks Went Back! — Oct 25, 2015

Short Story: The Clocks Went Back!

Kemptville slowly opened his eyes, yawning deeply and smacking his lips together. “Good morning,” he yawned again as his sight cleared with the light of day. “It’s a beautiful day, and the clocks have gone back…”

Suddenly, he gasped in surprise. “The clocks went back?” he repeated, and his eyes darted across to his bedside clock. “The clocks went back…?” Then he realized what today was, and it gave him a nasty shock. “The clocks went back!” he wailed, and he collapsed into a sobbing heap beneath the covers out of confusion.

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Once Upon A Time In Canada: E-Book Edition: Completed! — Oct 20, 2015

Once Upon A Time In Canada: E-Book Edition: Completed!

The e-Book edition of my literary masterpiece, Once Upon A Time In Canada, is now complete!

I’ve exported the book as both an iBooks document and a PDF document so that it can be easily accessed and read who don’t have an Apple device, but do have a PDF reader on their computer or mobile device.

A little later on, I’m planning to actually publish the book onto the Apple iBooks Store and sell it for a small price so that people can enjoy and appreciate my writing style, while at the same time helping me earn a little income which I can save up for things like moving to Canada and buying more writing supplies, like notebooks and pens.

Day Stories: Pages 34-35 (2006) —

Day Stories: Pages 34-35 (2006)


In April of 2006, I left my childhood home in the north of England to set off for a new life in Colombia in South America. This meant I had to put a hold on my drawing and writing while I spent the next two months or so getting used to living in a country far away and very different from my own.

Once I’d gotten used to life in Colombia, however, I resumed my usual business of designing new characters and giving them storylines to work with. I’d abandoned the Adventure Advanced Gang some time before I moved, so I needed to create some new characters who I could write new stories about. That’s when I created the Months and the Days. Although I created the Months and Days at about the same time, I mostly concentrated on the Days for a short time.

One day I had an idea for a short illustrated story starring the Days, and this is where the ‘Day Stories’ book came in. Although it has a plural title, I really only wrote one story of the book (should have just been called ‘A Day Story’ then). This particular story focuses on Tuesday, one of the older Days, who one day falls foul to an unexpected illness, causing him to feel nauseous and have vomiting fits. The other Days wonder what has gone wrong with him and try to make him feel better by giving him medicine and taking him to the doctor’s.

This story was probably the very first of mine to ever feature health conditions, whereas before the characters seemed immune to anything and were almost immortal. This was part of a personal plan to make my stories slightly more realistic than everything I’d written before then, as by this time I was hitting my pre-teens and was starting to grow out of little kids’ characters.

Sadly, the rest of the book has been lost to the past and only vague memories remain of the rest of the story, but I did manage to scan in two of the pages before the book disappeared forever to save for the future.

Incidentally, this is the only piece of creative work related to the Days; after this I started concentrating more on the Months, a passion that would continue well into the next two years…

Once Upon A Time In Canada: E-Book Edition: Started! — Oct 12, 2015

Once Upon A Time In Canada: E-Book Edition: Started!

I’m now beginning to convert my literary masterpiece, Once Upon A Time In Canada, into an e-Book!

This will be the next step in my literary career – after writing stories in traditional book form for so long, it’s time to experiment with the new way people are reading their books – on their mobile phones and tablets.

Once finished, I’ll export the completed e-Book as a PDF (for easy reading on desktop and laptop computers), and hopefully publish it onto the Apple iBooks Store and Kindle E-Book Store for lucky owners of these devices to appreciate my style of writing and my characters with their fingers.

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