The eighth book exhibition of my blog!

The Adventure Advanced Gang Go To The Cinema

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Last week, I exhibited The Adventure Advanced Gang Meet Krypto The Superdog, the second in a trilogy of Adventure Advanced Gang stories which still survive in my portfolio today. Since I only have three of the stories now, this will be the final part of the trilogy.

For what seems like their last venture (at least when you look at my portfolio anyway), the Adventure Advanced Gang hear about a new movie being released at the cinema starring some of their favourite cartoon characters. Being huge fans of Looney Tunes and Saturday morning cartoons (especially Raichu), they obviously await the release with eager anticipation as they travel on the bus to the nearest city which has a cinema (since the town they live in doesn’t have one, strangely enough). I kind of based this on my life when I lived in the north of England, where the nearest cinemas were either in Leeds, York or Hull. Goole didn’t have a cinema when I wrote/illustrated this book, although it does now have a tiny movie theatre.

While watching the movie, the travelling members of the gang spot some familiar faces – both in the movie and in the audience! Although it is justified in that they live in a multiverse of some kind, where cartoon characters from both ends of the cartoon spectrum live and travel together. Kind of like a fanfiction with every single character from every single cartoon ever made, though obviously on a slightly smaller scale.

This may be the last Adventure Advanced Gang book in my portfolio, but it’s not the end for the gang just yet! Stay around until next week for a festive surprise… (Yes, in October)