I know it’s October and we should be concentrating on Halloween, but I’m already seeing tons of Christmas stuff in the shops, despite it being just over two months away. Even the TV is showing a few festive-themed movies and advertisements, and some parts of the world are already putting up their decorations.

So I decided to go with it and show off my festive spirits a little early this year … with this masterpiece from 2005.


This was actually drawn as part of a school assignment, where we had to design our own wrapping paper (although not necessarily for actually wrapping presents). I was hugely into the Adventure Advanced Gang at the time, and so I decided to create a design for some wrapping paper featuring all the members of the gang wearing festive red Santa hats.

Since I’ve never seen wrapping paper which only has a blank background, I coloured the background in red and blue, my two favourite colours at the time. You might notice that Mickey is wearing an orange shirt with his face on it – that’s his ‘other’ outfit in the Adventure Advanced Gang stories. You might also notice that the colour of Patch’s shirt is red rather than the usual pink – I didn’t have a pink felt-tip pen, and the closest one was red.

I’ve included Virgo and Krypto, the two new ‘unofficial’ members of the gang, as symbolism of unity and joy shared by all at Christmas time. That’s why they’re all waving too, as if to say “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Sadly, soon after this was drawn, 2006 rolled around and I abandoned the Adventure Advanced Gang to move on to some new characters to work with. Visit me again next week to find out what I drew next…