In April of 2006, I left my childhood home in the north of England to set off for a new life in Colombia in South America. This meant I had to put a hold on my drawing and writing while I spent the next two months or so getting used to living in a country far away and very different from my own.

Once I’d gotten used to life in Colombia, however, I resumed my usual business of designing new characters and giving them storylines to work with. I’d abandoned the Adventure Advanced Gang some time before I moved, so I needed to create some new characters who I could write new stories about. That’s when I created the Months and the Days. Although I created the Months and Days at about the same time, I mostly concentrated on the Days for a short time.

One day I had an idea for a short illustrated story starring the Days, and this is where the ‘Day Stories’ book came in. Although it has a plural title, I really only wrote one story of the book (should have just been called ‘A Day Story’ then). This particular story focuses on Tuesday, one of the older Days, who one day falls foul to an unexpected illness, causing him to feel nauseous and have vomiting fits. The other Days wonder what has gone wrong with him and try to make him feel better by giving him medicine and taking him to the doctor’s.

This story was probably the very first of mine to ever feature health conditions, whereas before the characters seemed immune to anything and were almost immortal. This was part of a personal plan to make my stories slightly more realistic than everything I’d written before then, as by this time I was hitting my pre-teens and was starting to grow out of little kids’ characters.

Sadly, the rest of the book has been lost to the past and only vague memories remain of the rest of the story, but I did manage to scan in two of the pages before the book disappeared forever to save for the future.

Incidentally, this is the only piece of creative work related to the Days; after this I started concentrating more on the Months, a passion that would continue well into the next two years…