The tenth book exhibition of my blog!

The Trouble With Danger November

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Last week, I exhibited a couple of pages from the Day Stories book, mentioning that I created the Months and Days at around the same time but concentrated more on the Days for a little while (this was after I moved to Colombia).

OK, I know I said I moved onto the Months after briefly focusing on the Days, but there was a time in between those eras when the two franchises crossed over into one – essentially a ‘calendar series’ of sorts. Mixing the two together and adding dashes of inspiration from both the children’s comedy series of superhero books, Captain Underpants, and the 1980s British cartoon show Danger Mouse, I created Danger November.

This series revolved around June and Sunday, who one day decide to hypnotize their mean school principal, November, into thinking that she is a superhero. As a result, she transforms into Danger November – a woman in black and red with a swooping cape, flying around the land to save her fellow citizens from whatever evil powers are trying to make their lives a misery.

This comic was written and drawn to inform my audiences about the legend of Danger November and how she came to be – a silly fantasy held by two elementary schoolboys which became a reality, albeit not in the way they expected.

I’ll elaborate more on Danger November and her abilities in the next few exhibitions, since I have quite a few DN comics in my portfolio.