Danger November & The Attack Of The Daleks

(Click on the link above to open the book in your browser. You will need Adobe Reader installed to view the book. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free at https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/)

Last week, I exhibited the first entry in the series of the Danger November comic books, an ‘info comic’ about how Danger November came about. I then went on to create several more comics starring the mean school principal-turned-superhero, her ‘star’ pupils June and Sunday, and their wacky adventures together.

The second entry of the series, Danger November & The Attack Of The Daleks (being exhibited here), follows the eponymous superhero as she goes to save the world from the Daleks, the famous robots from the Doctor Who TV series known for their raspy staccato catchphrase “Exterminate!” They have suddenly left the Doctor Who universe and somehow infiltrated the Danger November universe, and that’s where DN herself comes in – ‘exterminate’ the Daleks, not just send them back to Doctor Who where they rightfully belong (where they would presumably try to destroy the world and the entire universe).

Although I do have a few more DN comics in my portfolio, this is one of only two created in 2006; the rest were created the following year, in 2007. When I get around to covering that year, they’ll be up on this blog – like the first two.