While I usually exhibit past creations each week to give my audience a little back-story as to how my art has evolved over the years, today I decided to go back to the present and exhibit a new artwork from this year (2015) as today is Remembrance Day. For those who don’t know what Remembrance Day is, it commemorates everyone who has fought in all the past wars, and is observed on November 11th every year to mark the end of World War I in 1918.

You may remember that back in the Canadian Boys 5th anniversary post, I talked briefly about a web-show based on the Japanese anime series Hetalia: Axis Powers about Canada and his provinces and territories. Nowadays, I frequently draw fanart of this show, but especially the provinces and territories as they are the main focus.

Since Remembrance Day is observed in Canada as well as England (where I’m based) and the rest of the British Commonwealth, I designed this commemorative banner featuring all the personified provinces and territories wearing red poppies and taking two minutes’ silence to remember our war casualties. The large poppy in the top-right corner has been given a satin-like sheen to make it look a little more realistic, as if illuminated with soft light. “Lest we forget” has also been written in both English and French to reflect Canada’s status as an Anglophone/Francophone country.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.