One night, while I was living in Colombia, I watched the classic animated/live-action movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Inspired by seeing the various cartoon characters on the screen, from Disney characters through to Looney Tunes characters, and imagining a home where they could all live together, I drew this little piece of a ‘cartoon house’ where each character had their own room to live in.

I had seen various cartoon characters from different franchises come together before, in the Disney crossover series House of Mouse, which slightly inspired me to make my own crossovers (like the Adventure Advanced Gang, which had some Disney and Pokemon characters in the mix). But Who Framed Roger Rabbit was like House of Mouse as a movie, albeit with cartoon characters from many classic franchises, not just Disney. This drawing arose as a result of me imagining a place where they could all go after a night out at the House enjoying themselves, because I’ve secretly always wondered: where does everyone go after the House shuts down?