I’m announcing today the commencement of The Hal MacIntosh Show, a brand-new comedy series!


The Hal MacIntosh Show is a new series of comedy sketches revolving around the eponymous protagonist, Hal MacIntosh, who is a 30- or 40-something, foul-mouthed, unkempt and drunkard man from the coastal Canadian province of Nova Scotia, and his long-suffering son Syd, who has to put up with his father’s constant drunken antics and poor hygiene.

Above, you can find a sketch of the titular protagonist. I actually meant to draw him with long sleeves instead of short, because I thought long sleeves would fit his untidy habits and persona better – he could clean his mouth and nose on it and thus give him his characteristic ‘dirty drunkard’ look.

As I write this post, I’m currently drafting some ideas for the initial skits of the series. I’ll need to draw a ‘correct’ sketch of Hal (with long sleeves instead of short) and his son Syd, and write up character bios (which will be up on the Character Profiles and Character Sketches sections of the blog once completed).

Expect to see Hal stumble drunkenly onto your screens very soon!


UPDATE (23/11/2015): I’ve now drawn the ‘correct’ design for Hal and also drawn his son Syd! They can be seen here (Hal’s ‘official’ design) and here (Syd).



UPDATE (29/12/2015): I’ve now drawn Peggy, Hal’s former wife and Syd’s mother! She can be seen here.