Syd is Hal’s 22-year-old son, born on the green island of Cape Breton. In sharp contrast to his unkempt, foul-mouthed and alcoholic father, Syd is more clean-shaven and polite, tending to stay off drink. Nevertheless, his father’s crude and vulgar behaviour is the bane of his life. Syd often wakes up in the morning to see that Hal has clambered messily into his bed, snoring noisily and breathing alcohol into his face. He hates it when Hal rubs his scratchy, stubbly cheeks against his, often complaining that he should get a good shave as soon as he can. Whenever he tries to relax after a hard day, Hal will inevitably come up and make his relaxation as stressful as possible, like loudly crunching on potato chips or breaking wind on him, sometimes angering Syd to the point that he has to go to bed early. Though on the surface it may seem like Syd is constantly putting Hal down and avoiding any kind of contact with him, despite his untidiness, vulgarity and alcoholism, Syd really does love and care for his father. He says that he wouldn’t have any other man as a father than Hal.