The eleventh book exhibition on my blog!

The Adventures Of The Month Boys

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I might be going a little backwards in the year of 2007 for a little while, as many of the creative works I created in this year are all mixed up chronologically and I can’t exactly remember when I drew/wrote each one.

Here’s a little comic book I created at the beginning of the year, starring the immediate predecessor of the Months as I know them now, the Month Boys. Much like the Danger November series of comics, this comic is inspired by the first comic in the Captain Underpants series of children’s books, charting the Month Boys’ “origins” and their first adventure they set off on, involving the trash from a cafeteria morphing into a green, ugly monster who can eat up everything in his path – even tables and chairs.

Although August is the Month Boy (or technically, Girl) shown on the cover of the book, the actual story itself focuses on April. False advertising on my part?