The twelfth book exhibition of my blog!

The Month Boys & The Monster Ice-Skating Rabbit

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Last week, I exhibited the first comic book in the Month Boys series, The Adventures of the Month Boys. This week’s exhibition focuses on the second entry in the series, The Month Boys and the Monster Ice-Skating Rabbit. Inspired by the comic in the story Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman (actually, most of these comics were inspired by Captain Underpants), the story follows August (featured on the cover with September, who doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the story – except for a bigger version of himself at the beginning) as she sets out to save the world from the evil, ice-cold mega-villain Ice-Skating Rabbit.

The Ice-Skating Rabbit was actually Hopsalot, a rabbit who appeared in a number of children’s educational games at the turn of the millennium. However, instead of the fun-loving rabbit he was in those games, in this story he has mutated into an evil schoolteacher who satisfies himself by imposing tortuous tasks on his long-suffering pupils, rather like Mrs. Ribble (Wedgie Woman) in Captain Underpants. His super-villain ego, the Monster Ice-Skating Rabbit, is based on a game within the games he originally appeared in involving catching coloured snowballs in an ice-cream cone while skating on ice. The Monster Ice-Skating Rabbit doesn’t throw the snowballs at his victims, though – he freezes them solid with an ice beam gun! Better leave them out in the summer heat if they ever want the chance to thaw out…