After breakfast, everybody got kitted out in their winter gear to have a celebratory snowball fight outside. Calgary and Winnipeg dived into a huge snow mountain on the sidewalk and began to roll some mounds of snow into balls. Pictou came sauntering out of his house in a black woolly hat, frilly striped trousers, a long-sleeved olive-green shirt, suspenders and black gloves and boots. Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton tailed behind him, also in their winter outfits.

Winnipeg tossed his arm back and launched a snowball at Calgary, hitting him in the face. “Ouch! That was really strong coming from you, Winnipeg!” Calgary exclaimed, laughing as he rubbed off the cold snow off. “Well, let’s see how you’ll find this one!” He rolled up another handful of snow and tried to hit Winnipeg, but he just dodged it as fast as he could before it could hit him, laughing back at Calgary. “Oh, you were too fast, Winnipeg…” Calgary mock mourned, Winnipeg pelting him repeatedly with small snow pebbles as he curled into a ball on the frozen ground.

Pictou threw a snowball at Stellarton, hitting him square in the mouth. “Be careful, Pictou! That snowball might have dirt in it, and I might get poisoned!” Stellarton warned him. “Oh, sorry,” Pictou apologized, but he was then hit in the face with a snowball coming from Stellarton. “Whoa, so much for that warning, Dad,” Pictou laughed sarcastically, brushing the snow off his face before it got frostbite. “Oh, don’t be so hard on Pictou, Stellarton,” Port Hawkesbury smiled at Stellarton, who promptly got another snowball to the face from Pictou. “Oh, now don’t be so hard on your father, Pictou!” she laughed at her son, and she rolled up a snowball in her hands to throw at Pictou in ‘revenge’ for hitting Stellarton.

Suddenly, they heard some mocking voices coming from down the road. “Oh no, are those who I think they are?” Pictou asked, trembling not from the cold, but from fear. Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton came closer to Pictou, wrapping their arms around him in protection. Hantsport, Aspotogan and Stewiacke came dashing up the street, guffawing nastily as they slid themselves through the snow. Pictou’s fears were confirmed, and he dived into a nearby mountain of snow, shivering in terror and not daring to even glance outside.

Hantsport, Aspotogan and Stewiacke skated on the icy ground past Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton, skidding to a halt beside the front door of their house. “Know where that stinko is? We’ll give him a snowball fight like no other!” Stewiacke laughed, as did Hantsport and Aspotogan. Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton could only stare at the troublesome trio in concern as to what they might do to Pictou, who was still under cover in the snow pile. “And we’ll give him a good kicking and punching up, too!” threatened Hantsport, making Port Hawkesbury worry for Pictou’s safety. Stewiacke and his buddies crept ominously up to the snow mountain, sneering under their cold breath as they edged ever closer to Pictou’s hiding hole. Stewiacke and his buddies started demolishing the snow mountain, kicking it to ice chunks and revealing Pictou, who was curling into a ball and rocking back and forth, shuddering. “Ah ha! Stinko acquired!” Stewiacke announced, sounding like a hunter who had just found his target. “Men, commence battle of the snowballs at once! Show him no mercy or sympathy!” “Yes sir Stewiacke!” Hantsport and Aspotogan happily obliged, and Pictou was now only realizing what he’d gotten himself into as he was roughly grabbed by the arms and dragged out into the snow.

Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton watched with horror as Stewiacke and his buddies set Pictou up in the middle of the snow and ice-ridden road and began to roll up some huge snowballs, pressing them together to make an even bigger snow cannonball. Stewiacke held the snowball above him, and launched it at Pictou with all his might, the weight sending Pictou crashing to the ground. “Oh, Pictou!” Port Hawkesbury cried out to her son, rushing up to him, but Stewiacke and his buddies were even faster and started raining snow pebbles down on Pictou repeatedly, guffawing. One snowball hit Pictou straight in his mouth, making him swallow a little ice and freezing his throat cold. He laboured to breathe as the cold gripped his chest, his throat gurgling. Stewiacke and his buddies only laughed at Pictou, and Port Hawkesbury felt tears filling her eyes. “Here, I’ll make some tea to warm his throat,” Stellarton reassured her, pouring some boiling water onto a teabag in his flask. “Please, he’ll catch cold,” Port Hawkesbury sobbed, trying to keep Pictou warm in her arms.

Just then, Halifax came strolling by, taking little sips of his latte. He spotted Pictou struggling to breathe with the cold, gasping and dashing over to the family. “Oh, is his throat cold?” he asked, concerned, then he looked over to Stewiacke and his buddies at the side of the road, laughing out loud as they tossed more snowballs towards Pictou. “I have my latte here, it’ll warm him up.” “He can’t drink coffee just yet, he’s only thirteen,” Stellarton told him, adding sugar and milk to his tea. “Here, little Pictou.” He carried the flask over to Pictou, flipping the lid off and inserting the teat into Pictou’s mouth. “There, there, dear Pictou, drink the tea,” Port Hawkesbury comforted Pictou as he sipped the tea down, his breathing slowly returning to normal.

Pictou opened his eyes, panting for breath. “Oh, he’s better now,” Halifax smiled, touching Pictou’s hair. “That’s a good little Pictou,” Port Hawkesbury praised Pictou, gently stroking him. Pictou shook his head and stomped out of Port Hawkesbury’s arms up to Stewiacke and his buddies. “Oh, what’s he doing?” Port Hawkesbury wondered, watching her son roll a snowball in his hands. “I guess he wants to retaliate,” Halifax remarked, sipping his latte.

Pictou rolled his snowball up and down several times so that it grew in size. Luckily at that time, Stewiacke and his buddies weren’t noticing, because they were rolling some snowballs of their own, laughing while they were at it. Aspotogan bent down to reveal the seat of his trousers beneath his kilt, and Pictou spotted an opportunity. He stretched his arm far back, aiming at Aspotogan’s rear, and put in all his small might into launching the snowball, letting out a grunt of courage as it zipped across the cold air. “Heh? That the stinko?” Aspotogan asked his buddies, whipping around, and Pictou’s snowball hit him straight in the face. “Yah! Snow on me face!” he screeched, temporarily dazed from the impact. Pictou rushed up and held Aspotogan by the edge of his kilt, tugging him up and sending him cartwheeling across the snow. “Hey, no fair, stinko!” Stewiacke complained to Pictou, who promptly hit both him and Hantsport in the face with more snowballs. Port Hawkesbury, Stellarton and Halifax laughed at Pictou getting revenge on Stewiacke and his buddies. Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton rolled some snowballs of their own and started to pelt Stewiacke and his buddies, Halifax making sure to dodge each one to avoid spilling his latte. “Ah ha, that’ll teach you not to mess with Pictou Denoon!” Pictou laughed at Stewiacke and his friends, hitting them with an avalanche of snow cannonballs.

Calgary filmed Edmonton and Winnipegosis batting each other with snowballs on his tablet from the warm comfort of the sitting room. “This’ll definitely get lots of views on the Internet!” he giggled as Edmonton fell over onto the snowy ground due to being overweight and not being able to put up with Winnipegosis’ snowballs hitting him for long. Winnipegosis laughed at Edmonton, but Edmonton stumbled back to his feet and started pelting Winnipegosis with snowballs to the face, laughing back at him in retaliation. Winnipeg sat on the couch, doodling a ‘reconstruction’ of Edmonton and Winnipegosis’ snowball fight in his new sketchbook.