I know I’ve already posted three chapters of It’s Christmas in the City of Canada (read them here, here and here), but I almost forgot to exhibit the cover image which I use to head each chapter as an individual image in my portfolio.

In the centre is Ottawa, the protagonist of Canadian Boys, holding a Christmas tree in his hands. At the sidelines are Calgary, his father Edmonton, Winnipeg, his father Winnipegosis, Halifax, Pictou and his parents Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton, watching the golden star on top of Ottawa’s Christmas tree sparkle in the snow (the snowflakes were drawn with a blue glitter pen so that they look like they’re twinkling when the paper is moved about at different angles, and the star on the tree was coloured in with a gold coloured pencil). The baubles are coloured in rainbow hues to celebrate the diversity and unity of people celebrating Christmas in Canada and around the world.

Of course, as it’s winter and so it’s freezing cold (possibly below zero degrees Celsius), I couldn’t draw the characters in their normal, “all-weather” outfits. So I’ve given them suitably seasonal and warm gear to protect themselves from the Arctic wrath of the Canadian winter! It does spoil the story a little as to what they get for Christmas presents, especially Halifax as he is the only one who gets winter warmers as a gift. Also, Ottawa is somewhat immune to the Canadian cold as he is just wearing his suit (the one he wears to present House of Canada, a popular prime-time variety show in the City of Canada), and no gloves whatsoever unlike everyone else in this picture. Ottawa, you’ll get frostbitten if you stay outside in the snow with no gloves for too long!

And as I’ve got more chapters of It’s Christmas in the City of Canada coming up (in addition to the ones I’ve already posted on this blog), you’ll be seeing this picture on your screens for a little while over the festive season!