Possibly the first double artwork exhibition on my blog ever!



Not content with only one piece of artwork to celebrate the festive season, I decided that I had to draw some more to fit in with the spirit of Christmas. (That first piece I was talking about just now is promotional material for my festive-themed story It’s Christmas in the City of Canada).

So over the past weekend (or just last Saturday, really), I’ve been drawing a couple of Christmassy (or more generally wintry) new masterpieces, starring the personified provinces and territories from the IAmMatthewian Project show! (See the IAMP Remembrance Day Banner and the Canadian Boys fifth anniversary post for more background on the IAmMatthewian Project.)


First up, as it’s nearly Christmas (only over a week to go as I write), here’s a suitably festive family ‘photo’ of all the province and territory gang rocking Santa hats! Some of them are even wearing silly Christmas sweaters – Nova Scotia wears a lobster motif, while Newfoundland wears a codfish! The hat-wearers of the gang, however, have simply swapped their normal hats for the Santa ones – Alberta, for example, has left off the white cowboy hat he normally wears for something more festive, and Nova Scotia has replaced his normal red wide cap, although the Santa hat does match his normal one in colour (if not in shape).

This drawing is somewhat a re-draw of the Adventure Advanced Gang Christmas wrapping paper design from ten years ago, although with the Adventure Advanced Gang obviously replaced with the IAmMatthewian Project provinces and territories. The characters are waving on both artworks however, sending out season’s greetings to everyone in Canada and beyond.

I was inspired by another IAMP fan-artwork I saw on DeviantArt, which featured Canada and his provinces and territories rocking Santa hats in the same fashion as this drawing, along with a “Merry Christmas” message. Canada isn’t wearing a Santa hat though, I wonder why not? It IS Christmas, after all…

Matthewian Christmas by moonlight1106 on DeviantArt


The second drawing of this historic double exhibition isn’t to do with Christmas, but is still suited to winter in general, as all of Canada’s province and territory kids are all dressed up to shield themselves against the wrath of the Canadian winter! Alberta’s cowboy hat has again been replaced with a white leopard-print woolly hat, and Nova Scotia’s red wide cap is now a warmer red beanie hat. Saskatchewan is even wearing a toque, that famous Canadian winter-weather hat, and Ontario a Toronto Maple Leafs beanie (fitting in with his habit of wearing Leafs hockey jerseys, and his obsession with the Leafs and hockey in general). Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut are left as they are as they’re always kitted out for the winter. You may notice that Quebec isn’t in winterwear at all – he’s in fact dressed as the Bonhomme, the snowman mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival! I guess it’ll still be warm inside that costume though…

After Christmas will obviously be the New Year, and I already have an idea for drawing the IAMP provinces and territories (and Canada too) celebrating their New Year’s party. Stick around for a few more days after Christmas – I’ll be bringing in more cheer for the New Year starring Canada and his province and territory kids!