The fourteenth book exhibition of my blog!

El Caso De Noviembre Chiflado (The Case Of Crazy November)

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Last week, I exhibited a poster of the entire cast of the 2007 series of The Months/Month Boys, or Los Ninos Meses to give its Spanish name, due to me residing in Colombia at that time. By then, I had pretty much finalized the designs for each of the twelve members of the gang (except for December, as I was about to decorate him a little bit later that year…) This called on the opportunity to write a little story starring these new characters. (Well, technically not ‘new’, but you know what I mean in this context…)

Although I’ve given the English name of the book for the title of this post, I wrote the book entirely in Spanish – an incredible feat for me, as I’d never written entirely in a foreign language before, despite having listened to my family (but particularly my mother, as she is Colombian) speak Spanish for years! (A couple of years later, however, I started to learn French and re-learn Spanish at secondary school, which helped me increase my foreign-language skills by a little.)

The basic storyline is that November seems to have lost some of his marbles in more recent days, and the other months (especially October and December) have to try to ‘heal’ him back into a sane mind. Though November initially tries to manage it himself, the loud noises he makes angers all the other months into marching in protest – either ‘cure’ November, or eliminate him from the calendar altogether (which will probably never happen in the considerable future). Realizing that November needs a professional medical opinion, October and December send November to a psychiatrist to try and get to the root of the problem. But will it work?

This story was actually inspired by another comic strip which I read… in a Spanish spelling and grammar book. (Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places…) What the story basically boils down to is why the letter H is silent in Spanish, but does make a sound when paired up with the letter C, just as in English. So I thought, why not give this a month-themed twist with November playing the H and all the other months playing all the other letters of the alphabet to help him find his place in life?