Peggy is Hal’s former wife and Syd’s mother. She lived with Hal and Syd for much of Syd’s childhood, but became increasingly irritated by Hal’s irresponsibility and alcoholism until one day, she finally got to the end of her tether and divorced Hal, leaving him to ‘care’ for Syd as a newly single father. This badly traumatized the teenage Syd, who bemoaned the prospect of living with only his rude, irresponsible father for the rest of his life, and now has to endure Hal’s alcohol-fuelled antics daily. If Peggy runs into Hal while out and about, she will criticize him on his vulgar behaviour and dirty looks, unless he is with Syd, in which case she will praise Syd for bearing the brunt of having to cater for his lazy father. Occasionally, Peggy will visit Syd and Hal in person at their home, where she will try to avoid Hal as much as possible due to his uncouth and untidy demeanour, and instead try to spend as much time as she can with Syd, but of course Hal will inevitably try to interrupt Peggy and Syd’s ‘us time’ by causing them irritability and stress. Peggy has become somewhat brusque and rough from living with Hal for many years, but at her core she loves to care for other people – she still communicates with Syd online and over the phone at regular intervals to check upon his progress in life. She loves to knit fluffy dolls, cushions, armchair throws and winterwear such as scarves and bobble hats when it is just her on her own, without Hal to barge in abruptly on her or Syd moaning about his dirty manners.