Just like I promised on New Year’s Day… The other picture from my mini-gallery celebrating the New Year, starring the Months!

The old year is coming to a close, so what better way for the Months to celebrate than having a celebratory conga line in their living room? January, February and March have a little breakdancing contest to the hoppin’, jumpin’ music blasting out at full volume on the boombox, while a romantic fantasy movie plays on the TV. But one party guest doesn’t seem to be enjoying the tunes – and that someone is February’s pet groundhog, who hates loud noises as they resonate through his underground lair and make it shake, annoying him.

The month names are written in Spanish as I was living in Colombia at this point. Plenty of artworks featuring the Months from this time had their names written in Spanish rather than English for the South American audiences to better understand.

You might have noticed that October has a pumpkin in his name, because of his popular association with Halloween! The colours of the months’ names also somewhat correspond to their birthstones (see the handy infographic below for each month’s birthstone).

Birthstones by month

If you look closely at both this picture and the IAMP New Year’s Party picture, you will notice that they look almost exactly the same, except obviously with the characters changed and much more detail to the background. I had the exact premise in mind when drawing the IAMP version – all the main characters having a conga in the living room to celebrate the New Year in style. However, as in this picture where only nine months are in the conga (the rest dancing), only nine of the provinces are conga-ing, with Prince Edward Island (the remaining province) and the territories cheering them on. The floor and walls are also coloured in to give more realism, even in the kitchen, and more appliances and decorations are added to the room, such as a picture frame, clock, iPod with a docking speaker and Nintendo Wii U game console with a selection of games which Canada bought for Christmas.


It’s two days a little late, but Happy New Year from the Months! (And Canada and his province and territory kids too) 😉