You may remember that back in September last year, I wrote a post which celebrated the fifth anniversary of Canadian Boys, my longest-running series to date. Well, the date I was talking about in that post was technically NOT five years from when I started on Canadian Boys, but rather the date I merely came up with the idea.

Although I conceived the idea of Canadian Boys in September of 2010, it was not until the following January (in 2011) that I actually began to work on the series; in between those times I was pre-creating a few characters (most notably Vancouver, who was the first Canadian Boys character I created) and also writing up initial character profiles.


So today marks the REAL fifth anniversary of Canadian Boys! To celebrate this historic milestone in my creative life, throughout the year (and most likely the years to come after that) I’ll be publishing the profiles for every character I’ve created throughout the series so far. Although previously published as separate pieces of literature on my DeviantArt gallery dedicated to all things Canadian, the profiles will be published all together with each other on this blog for easier reading. Like all the other character profiles I’ve published on this blog so far, they’ll be found in the ‘Character Profiles’ section.

I’m not going to reiterate the story from the ‘other’ fifth anniversary of Canadian Boys post, as it and the title pretty much get to the point. Although I’ll still try to make it ten! (Maybe that should have been another New Year’s Resolution on my list for this year…)