The second of a duo of double exhibitions on my blog! (There will be much more of them in the future…)

So after having made my New Year’s resolution to create more, I’ve got on to it and drew my first two artworks of 2016! (The IAMP pixel art I made the other week count, but I only store my traditional art on my creative portfolio on my hard drive.)

Exhibit A:

The MacIntosh Family

A colourful family portrait (well, technically landscape) of the MacIntosh family from The Hal MacIntosh Show! Even though Peggy has long divorced Hal due to his uncouth and untidy demeanour, I still had to bring them both back together (temporarily) with their son Syd so they could properly qualify as a ‘family’. Of course, Peggy still communicates with Syd every now and then over the phone and the Internet, and sometimes Peggy unexpectedly bumps into Hal while out and about only to further criticize his dirty antics. Maybe this situation will calm Syd’s highly-strung nerves for just a minute or two while he’s back with his mother for this photo, as Peggy’s divorce from Hal badly traumatized his teenage self after having lived together for a good fraction of his childhood.

Exhibit B:

Pictou The Strong-Hearted

Pictou from Canadian Boys standing tall in the face of adversity! This was actually inspired by my novel Once Upon A Time In Canada, or more specifically a certain scene towards the end of the story where… well, if you haven’t read the story yet, it would be a massive spoiler if I were to reveal Pictou’s circumstances in that scene right here. But I will say this – Pictou lives in fear for much of the story, until he one day realizes that he can’t be fearful all the time and so has to stay strong, even when he’s having troubles.

(If you do want to read Once Upon A Time In Canada, you can simply search for ‘Once Upon A Time In Canada’ on my blog and read each chapter separately, or read it all on my FictionPress.)