After the festive holidays, the Months are finally on their way back to school for the New Year! All refreshed and having slept off the Christmas excesses, the Months decide to have a little more fun on board before they’re dropped off at school for the day.

You may notice that the school bus has quite a lot of windows, and just to fit all twelve pupils! The positioning of the windows – ten at the top and two on the bottom – also makes it look like a double-decker bus, which school buses usually aren’t. The tyres are also coloured rather unusually, adding for a fantasy feel to the Months’ school run.

While most of the pupils are sitting pretty straight and are passively enjoying the short ride to school, November and December (on the lower deck) don’t seem to be wanting to go back. In fact, November is trying to run off the bus back home where he can play around some more, but December is trying to keep him on the bus by chasing after him and keeping him in his hold! Typical of November to run off like that…

The world outside the bus seems to look pretty blank, save for a black line vaguely representing the pavement and a sign directing people towards the creatively-named Month School. At this time, backgrounds mostly didn’t matter to me, as I was striving for simplicity in most of my drawings. Some later drawings do include backgrounds however, as I’m now striving for more intricate detail in my artworks in search of realism.


Looks like the Months have just arrived at school. I should be off so I don’t distract them from their studies…