Though the Months are nearly always drawn by me in a whole crowd of twelve, in reality they all have their own lives to live and work to do, so they’re actually separated most of the time, only coming back together after a hard day’s work and they’re all going off to bed simultaneously.

However, on this particular occasion, the Months had a little fun time on their hands (or arms), and so decided to all come together and hold each other’s hands in a circle of harmony. Although they’re not really holding hands in this picture, as each month is separated by a red circle which I don’t know why is there. It might be a glowing orb of positive aura that is radiating from them, as that’s the only explanation I can think of in this sort of situation.

Due to me living in Colombia at the time, the Months’ names are all in Spanish (even though the title of the artwork is in English), though if you’ve seen my previous drawings of the Months on this blog, you should be able to recognize each one of them, even if you don’t know a word of Spanish.

You might notice that the Months are in outer space in this artwork, as they appear to be circling a planet with more planets and stars in the sky. In a fan-fiction of the Months written by my sister Melissa, the Months weren’t actually from Earth at all, but rather another planet far out called the Month Planet (not really creative, I know), which technically makes them aliens or at least humanoid aliens. An unnamed villain transports the Months to Earth, where they live amongst other people and creatures just as if they had been on Earth all along. Though I don’t consider this Months canon, I still thought the idea of the Months holding hands around a planet in outer space seemed pretty cute.

This drawing resembles a few later artworks of mine in keeping with the same theme, but with different characters. They will be exhibited on this blog in the future, so as to not spoil who these new characters in the frame are.