No, I’m not referring to the series of rhythm video games where you play as, well, a virtual rock band, but rather I’m referring to the title of this drawing of some of the Months playing in a REAL rock band! (Although I think the idea of my characters playing songs in the Rock Band video games would be pretty cool. Surfing the Sea Rock Band!) The Months’ names are written in Spanish, as I lived in Colombia at this time (up until about the end of November of that year).

As with any other band, I have the duty to roll-call all the members of the Month Rock Band (I know, not a very creative name, but it’s at least self-explaining). Here goes!

  • The lead singer, May!
  • The drummer, November!
  • The performers, April and December! (You can’t see him that well because he’s blurry from spinning around.)

Even though it’s called the “Month” Rock Band, there are only four of the Months here; the other Months are probably keyboardists, bassists, percussionists or even just roadies who help get the band touring and gigging across Monthland. (As much as they’re a product of the imagination, sometimes artworks need more of it to get the full picture…) (See what I did there?)

I actually have another musical-themed artwork with one of the Months in it, but as always, I’ll be taking my time before I exhibit it on this blog.