Time for a little philosophical question, asked by the Months: What if December didn’t exist?

As we all know, there are twelve months of the year in total: January, February, March, etc. But – a little history lesson here – it didn’t always go like this. Back in Roman times (most of the months’ names are derived from Roman gods or emperors, like July for Julius Caesar or January for Janus, the Roman god of new beginnings) there were only ten months of the year, as January and February did not exist (since the year started with March). They were only brought in later so as to keep the calendar consistent.

Nowadays we all expect the months to carry out their yearly cycle of life (as I used to imagine it). But imagine like in Roman times, some of the months were missing from the calendar. In this drawing, December seems to have mysteriously disappeared off the calendar pages (at least in his fantasy). Even if only one month disappeared from the yearly cycle of life, it would still cause a huge disruption in timekeeping and possibly even the fabric of time itself.

So try to imagine a life without December. Obviously there would be no Christmas, as Christmas is the festival most popularly associated associated with December. That would mean no presents, tinsel, Christmas trees, decorations, turkey, Christmas puddings, eggnog or even Santa Claus to deliver the presents to kids everywhere. But then there would also be no New Year’s Eve. Or there would be, but since December would have disappeared, it would have to be rescheduled to the end of November and then skip straight to January.

Thankfully, it is extremely unlikely in the foreseeable future that any one of the months would disappear from the calendar and thus disrupt time greatly. But this might serve as a reminder of how messy the calendar was back in times of old and people couldn’t tell what time of the year it was as easy as it is now.

Though I was still living in Colombia at this time, all the Months’ names are written in English, one of the very few drawings of mine from this era to hold this distinction. Maybe I was foreshadowing my moving back to England later that year? (I must be psychic…)