Told you there’d be a lot more of them!

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you will probably know by now about the IAmMatthewian Project/Project Canada, a fan-series based around Canada from Hetalia: Axis Powers and his provinces and territories. But what you may not know is that there are also personifications of Canadian cities. Yes, just like my own Canadian Boys!


(I had to put Halifax up here, because well, I’m just in love with Nova Scotia.)

Yes, as the IAmMatthewian Project/Project Canada apparently couldn’t get around to creating their own humanizations of Canadian cities, some of their creative fans (me included!) decided to go make some for them! (However, they’re not really considered to be ‘real’ characters in the show as they were created by fans. But then again, the IAMP/PC is a fan-show based on Hetalia, so why wouldn’t they do it themselves?) Obviously, being based on a Japanese cartoon series, the IAMP/PC‘s incarnations of the Canadian cities look more of a manga/anime style than my own (as I’m not from Japan, but green old England, so mine look more ‘Western cartoon-ish’!)


As you may remember from the other week, I created some designs for Pop Vinyl dolls based on the IAMP/PC provinces and territories (see them here with an added explanation of what Pop Vinyl dolls are). I was aware there were city characters in the show (or at least just the fandom), so I thought why not make Pop Vinyl dolls out of the cities too?

And so these came around. Although many of the cities have changed their looks in the Project Canada reboot, I’ve decided to use their IAMP designs as I think they’re much more colourful, and they were the ones I first encountered in the IAMP.



Just as with their province and territory ‘parents’ (I always thought of the cities as being the ‘children’ of a region, which would technically make them the country’s ‘grandchildren’), in order to avoid looking like creepy horror-movie porcelain dolls (nightmare fuel!), I’ve given some of the cities mouths which correspond to an emotion. For example, Winnipeg is almost like Manitoba in his grumpiness (and the colours, though Winnipeg’s are the opposites of Manitoba’s), so I’ve given him a suitably grumpy grimace. Ottawa nearly always looks serious (he is the capital, you know), so I’ve made him look serious. And so does Quebec City.



You may have noticed Dartmouth is wearing an eyepatch. You might think it’s removable as many dolls have removable clothes and accessories, but it’s actually glued onto her left eye, so it can’t be taken off. Not that you’d want to see her left eye anyway, it’s blinded from the Halifax Explosion of 1917, caused by some debris flying into it. Now THAT’S painful. (It’s also where Halifax’s chest scar comes from, if you’re wondering. It was quite a huge disaster for the city of Halifax and its environs.)


Of course, I’m not quite done with Pop Vinyl dolls yet. In fact, it’s only the beginning of a new art sensation! (For me, at least…)