The day I’ve always dreamt of for the past five years has now become a reality, and I’ve now touched down in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada!

Landing in Halifax, NS

However, I didn’t come to Halifax straight from London – I had to make a stopover in St. John’s, Newfoundland, before I could fly on my connecting flight to Halifax. The flight took a good 6 hours, half the time it takes to fly to Colombia, so I spent it sleeping, eating food and typing up some ideas for new stories on my tablet. (And viewing the live flight map.) As I flew in February, the snow was so deep, it went up to my ankle! I tried to pick some of it up to roll into a snowball, but because I didn’t have any gloves on, it froze them!

Landing in St. John’s, NL
Heavy snow in St. John’s, NL

After lounging around for a good time in St. John’s (including having lunch at Tim Horton’s!), I could finally get onto the plane to Halifax! It took quite some time to take-off as the plane needed de-icing, but it was well worth the wait, as the taxi driver who took us to our hotel in Halifax was the prime example of a Nova Scotian – funny, chatty and loves to laugh! We chatted about Nova Scotia, Halifax and my dream of living in Canada. Since we arrived pretty late (at Halifax local time), we decided to settle in to our hotel and have a good sleep to restore our energy after almost a whole day of flying.

I have a whole week in Nova Scotia ahead of me, so I should make the most out of making my dream out as I’ve always expected it to be for the past five years.