Happy Valentine’s Day! Every year on February 14th, people give each other gifts in celebration of someone they love, like a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or teenage crush. The day takes its name from St. Valentine, the Roman patron saint of love.


So in celebration of this day of love, I’ve put together this gallery of all my creative works of people in love! (Well, when I say “people”, I mean some of my characters… or others’. But they’re still people, even if they’re fictional.)

And during my travels in Canada, I’ve been creating even more new masterpieces to celebrate the day.

OK, so the last one isn’t exactly in the right sentiment for Valentine’s Day, but love is like that sometimes. As I write this post, I don’t have my scanner with me, so I had to take photos of the drawings with my Amazon Fire tablet. Once I return home to London, I’ll scan them in and post them on here, although of course by then it won’t be Valentine’s Day anymore.

But while it’s still here, happy Valentine’s Day, and celebrate love whoever you are or wherever you are!



UPDATE (21/02/2016):

I’ve now scanned in all the Valentine’s doodles, so here they all are in higher quality than my Fire tablet camera!

Happy (late) Valentine’s Day again!