A few weeks ago, I exhibited a drawing of some of the Months playing in a rock band. Since then, it seems December has broken off from the Month Rock Band and formed his own band… called the Dec Band (short for December).

Even though the Dec Band has only recently been formed, December’s already landed his first live gig with his band! Here, he plays the acoustic guitar with his cousins Decembrin and Deckie, and thousands more Decembers fill the stage and roaring crowd. (Did December find a way to clone himself into millions of copies of himself?) To differentiate each one, however, their clothes are coloured in rainbow hues to signify diversity, even though they all essentially have the same design.

Although it’s supposed to be a huge event due to it being the Dec Band’s first-ever live gig, strangely enough, the celebrations seem to be a little on the low-key side; there’s only two fireworks in the sky (although that may be due to some of the other fireworks dissolving out beforehand), and there’s only a simple banner proclaiming the Dec Band’s name. There’s also lots of exclamation marks after “Dec Band” on the banner – there are twelve exclamation marks. Possibly to represent there being twelve months of the year, and December being the twelfth month? (I can get a little over-analytical on my own art sometimes. I think that’s a job for the art critics.)

I think I should leave the Dec Band to get on with making music so they don’t get distracted by me commentating on their gig…