I once again felt the Darkside calling, and so I decided to head across the bridge to Dartmouth to see what it looked like in contrast to its bigger brother Halifax.

Halifax from Dartmouth, NS

Now I could see why it was called the “Darkside” – there was almost nothing and almost no-one on the streets! Compared to Halifax where there was always something around the corner and at least a few people walking down the street, Dartmouth seemed eerily empty, almost like a ghost town. Maybe I could give it the benefit of the doubt because it was winter and the windchill made it feel even colder than -11 degrees, so not many people would want to come out in that freezing weather (except maybe some kids who wanted to go sledding, build snowmen or have snowball fights, like the other day).

Jumping on a bus to escape the cold and the darkness of the Darkside, I once again headed for the Micmac Mall to find some more souvenirs to take back home. We had lunch at a KFC in the food court (with strawberry cheesecake!) and finished off with some chocolate ice cream at the Newfoundland Chocolate Company shop! I even saw a funny sign outside with Justin Trudeau, the current Prime Minister of Canada, and Stephen Harper, the former Prime Minister of Canada. (What’s even funnier is that when I booked my trip to Halifax, Harper was still the Prime Minister, but the general election was the following month and so Trudeau became the PM.)

Trudeau and Harper on a funny sign outside the Newfoundland Chocolate Company shop!

We went around the mall to browse and buy a few more goodies to bring home to London. I went into HMV (yes, they do have those in Canada) and found a Joy Pop Vinyl doll just like the one I got last Christmas! There were some other Inside Out goodies too, like a scented pen with Joy and a mug with Joy and Sadness, which we both got.

Joy Pop Vinyl doll

Once back at the hotel, we celebrated by watching Minions on TV. (It’s been some time since I saw that movie and reviewed it right here on this blog…)