The freezing cold in Halifax from the past few days finally began to warm up a little because of the sun, though of course it was still below zero. We decided to go on a little stroll along the harbourfront to enjoy the views of the harbour, Dartmouth and the Atlantic Ocean.

Georges Island in Halifax Harbour
Dartmouth from Halifax, NS
Tugboats in Halifax Harbour

While we were originally going to visit the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, somehow we completely overlooked it and instead we strolled along nearly the entire length of the harbourfront boardwalk, seeing some real tugboats in the water just like those in Theodore Tugboat! Once again we ended back up at the Historic Properties, where we went to Gahan’s, a seafood restaurant, to have a big lunch of a bacon cheeseburger with fries and an espresso creme brulee (although I don’t really like coffee that much). (Speaking of Theodore Tugboat, there’s actually a model of him in Halifax Harbour which people can actually sail on. If I come back to Halifax in the summer, I might be able to ride him!)


We continued up the boardwalk back onto Barrington Street, and we soon stopped over at the Province House of Nova Scotia, where I snapped a view upwards to Citadel Hill of the Clock Tower. The sun shining onto the lens makes little rainbows appear on the shot, like a mystical aura.

The Clock Tower on Citadel Hill from Nova Scotia Province House

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped off at a tiny shop selling ethnic-inspired jewellery, fabric goodies, toys and incense sticks. I found jewellery with a wide rainbow of gems from ruby to amethyst, which is my birthstone as I was born in February. It also, quite appropriately for me, represents creativity. (I used to be fascinated by gems when I was ten years old, so I know quite a few facts about their meanings!)


Nearer our hotel, we stopped off again at a drugstore to buy some Canada Dry, Cheetos and a bag of Skor chocolate for snacking on and to stop ourselves going hungry overnight. Even though it was cold outside, our walk had made us a little thirsty and hot, so it was refreshing to drink the fizzy goodness.