Finally, after a week of enjoying Nova Scotia (or rather, two towns in Nova Scotia), I was ready to head back home to London and resume my normal working life! Inevitably, the tears came – and Canada is a country which I’ve previously never visited before, but it being my lifelong passion means I am inextricably attached to it. (I also cried when I left Yorkshire, my birth county in England, after visiting it for three days as a nostalgia trip, because nearly my whole childhood was spent there and so I’ve made a lot of memories there.)

We dragged our bags down Inglis Street towards the Halifax ViaRail train station, which also doubled up as a coach stop, and stored them in the bus’ luggage compartment. When the bus set off for the airport, I watched outside the window to enjoy Halifax and the surrounding area for one last time before I flew back home, having a short stopover in Dartmouth.

As the bus arrived at the airport, we went to fetch our bags from the luggage compartment, and since there was a lot of time to go before the flight back home to London, we had to find ways to keep ourselves entertained.

I came across a seafood shop which had real live lobsters for sale, just like the ones I’d seen in Peggy’s Cove the day before! They had been caught off Nova Scotia’s South Shore, so they were local – perfect for tourists who wanted to bring home the taste of Nova Scotia. I even got to see one of the lobsters up close – touching it felt somewhat surreal!

A real live fresh Nova Scotia South Shore lobster!

Around the corner in the waiting lounge, there was another lobster! Sadly it wasn’t a real lobster (unless one of the lobsters from the seafood shop escaped), but rather a sculpture of a lobster decorated with the Nova Scotia tartan. There are apparently a good number of these lobster sculptures around Halifax, and they are being auctioned off for charitable causes in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia tartan lobster sculpture

After we’d stuffed ourselves with fish and chips, ice cream sandwiches and Tim Horton’s, it was time to get ourselves ready to board the flight back to London. Or were we heading back to London…?