While it may still technically be winter (yes, February is a winter month, at least if you live in the northern hemisphere like I do), many of us might be planning ahead for our sunny summer getaways, whether at home or abroad. (Even though I’ve just come back from Canada… and it was cold!)

So if you’d rather be dancing around in the sea or sipping fruity cocktails on the beach rather than cooped up inside your house from the freezing temperatures with a mug of hot chocolate or tomato soup, just look ahead… at November and December from the Months playing beach volleyball! Where they live it’s always sunny (…in Philadelphia? No, wrong series) most of the time, so it’s always a great day to play by the seaside and go surfing or swimming! (It isn’t called Surfing the Sea for nothing!)

Even though they’re by the sea, November and December are for some reason dragons, like the Disney cartoon Jake Long: American Dragon. Dragons are well-known for breathing fire, and the sea is water, which would weaken their firepower. However, they do have wings, and so November and December can play beach volleyball above the beach, where flying about to hit the ball has a huge advantage and flexibility due to its sheer speed. November’s pet dog, who can also fly, watches on and laughs at all the action.

Unfortunately for December, it seems he can’t fathom November’s surprising strength, so much so that he fears his head might get blown off! (Although it’s obviously drawn here in a non-violent fashion, so it’s just for comedic effect like a cartoon, where characters often get themselves de-limbed or squashed in a bloodless, humorous way.) His fantasy also shows him in his normal form rather than as a dragon, so maybe his thoughts don’t change form with him?

I myself am wishing it was summer right now. After all that freezing cold I had to go through in Canada, I could do with a bit of hot weather and a run about on the beach in my swimwear!