Today I turn 21 years old! That means I can now legally drink alcohol (although I prefer not to), drive a car, play in the lottery and some other adult things which I won’t mention on this family-friendly blog. (Cartoons are for everyone!)

Even though I’ve only grown one year older today, I’ve still been drawing in the weeks beforehand. Just because I don’t grow older at the very start of the new year doesn’t mean that my creativity and imagination has to be on hold to catch up with me! Here’s everything I’ve drawn this year so far up to today.

And I think I’ve also found the perfect cake for my birthday celebrations…


In case you don’t know, that’s the provincial flag for Nova Scotia. You may have seen it in a few of my photos from last week’s trip to Halifax and even on some of my drawings, but if you aren’t a regular reader of mine you might just think it was a fancy decoration for a cake. So now you know!

Here’s to the start of a new chapter in the story of my life!