While November and December of The Months relax on the beach by playing a friendly game of volleyball, May and April are about to engage in something with a little more action and competition. They’ve already taken up their places in the ring, and the crowd roars encouragements betting on either April or May to emerge as the ultimate victor.

May is dressed up to somewhat resemble a kung fu fighter or karate athlete, wearing a sweatband around her head and making a martial arts-like pose. April has quite literally awakened the power of the dragon in her (like Jake Long: American Dragon) and transformed into a dragon herself so she can fly and dodge May’s karate chops and kicks at high speed. But May has a secret weapon… she also has wings, so she can fight and fly at the same time! (If May were a Pokemon, would she be Fighting/Flying type, like Hawlucha?)


Although May and April are presumably going to fight in a wide-open stadium crammed with millions, the only signs of life apart from May and April themselves is the vague wiggly line below them carrying signs sporting various motivating slogans like “May Go!”, “Winner April” and “May is fire” (or maybe it says “fine”? Either way, it doesn’t seem to make sense.) At this time I couldn’t really draw crowds in detail (apart from that drawing with the Dec Band, but that crowd had the same character design in rainbow colours over and over). The background is also strangely blank, like nobody is watching May and April about to risk themselves in a competitive battle for a title. Why would no-one be watching what is possibly the biggest fight in May and April’s lives?

Unfortunately, I can’t stick around for the start of the fight, so whether May or April won in the end will always be a mystery.