It’s time to play interior designer for the day. (Actually, I do that all the time in The Sims – I’m always enlarging their rooms, buying new furniture or redecorating the walls and floors.) Let’s go visit November and December’s bedroom and review the design and architecture.

While furniture usually comes in varying shades of brown because of being made out of wood, the furniture in November’s room is very bright and colourful. He probably didn’t want it to look like any old bedroom, so he gave the furniture his own personal touch by painting it in different colours. This might not have been in December’s best wishes, though – he presumably likes everything natural, the way it normally is.

Unusually for a home bedroom, November’s has a vending machine in it! December might have disabled the money machine inside beforehand so whenever they’re hungry, November and December can just tap in a number and get whatever snacks and drinks they want without having to pay. That could be a big convenience for any kid who wanted all the good food in the world at their bedside without ever having to worry about whether they have any spare change from buying the latest comic books.

The photos up on the wall document some of November and December’s best moments spent together, like the time they went to the local amusement park and had a ride on the rollercoaster. December seems unusually still for riding on a rollercoaster, but November seems to be enjoying it. The photos at both ends of the rollercoaster photo seem to have been cleverly positioned so it looks like November is calling out at December, who eerily is in the same position as in the rollercoaster photo. It’s like he was freeze-framed and then edited into a new photo.

November and December’s pets also have places to sleep as well as their owners. November’s dog has a simple dog bed, but his cat has something a little more complicated. In the same manner as the TARDIS from Doctor Who (why do I keep making a lot of Doctor Who references on here? Didn’t I already make one with Danger November & The Attack of the Daleks?), the house looks small on the outside but is bigger on the inside. The cat seems to be frightened by a toy mouse and rushes off inside the house into what appears to be a pet show. This is somewhat like the doors from Monsters, Inc. (another Disney/Pixar reference, like The Rainbow Door) which seemingly lead nowhere, but which can lead anywhere (like, hilariously, a Hawaiian beach or a trailer park). This could be where the cat goes off to live in her own fantasy away from preying dogs (like November’s own).

Overall, this is a very cosy place for November, December and their pets to relax and sleep in at the end of a hard day’s work – the colourful decor can help them unwind and just get on with life at home with their pets.