Happy International Women’s Day! Why women? Because even after almost a century and a half of progress, women are still somewhat behind men in terms of status and rank.

The suffragette movement for women’s votes at the beginning of the 20th century helped to get women’s issues to the awareness of others for the first time in history, whereas before they were pretty much ignored, simply seen as the ‘property’ of their male partners. Women won the vote in Britain in 1918, the end of World War I, but they still fight for the right to vote in some lesser-developed countries around the world.


During World War II, while the men were out to fight in the war, women would take up their jobs at the factories, manufacturing bullets, arms and sometimes even aircraft. The 1960s and onwards saw the rise of the women’s liberation movement, coinciding with the fight of racial equality, where women sought to rise to the same ranks as their male counterparts – the birth, some say, of modern feminism.


As a celebration of girls and women everywhere, I’ve created this gallery of all my creative work which feature women in a prominent role. Even I’m aware that many of my characters are male, and there are only a sizeable number of female characters (which is strange as I’m a girl myself). In the past my art was lead mostly by girls, but since my art style has evolved over the years my art seems to become more male-dominated. (Actually, I found out that in Canadian Boys, the cast is approximately 85% male and 15% female. It seems to live true to the ‘Boys’ part of the name, as there is a very small female character roster.) It really seems like I should follow the example of my past and include more girls in my art. That, and also the fact that female artists and producers are barely looked upon by other people.

We go girls!