Announcing a new ongoing project!

Although it’s been up for four years now, the Canadian Boys wiki mostly just lay in waiting while I was busy doing some other things (like… drawing and writing my novel, Once Upon A Time In Canada). However, I’ve recently re-discovered the wiki and saved it from falling into the dark depths of obscurity by now deciding to become an active member of the Wikia community and the prime contributor to the wiki! (I am the founder of it, as Canadian Boys IS my creation, after all…)

Over time, the wiki will become the definitive go-to guide for anybody who wants to get clued up about the world of Canadian Boys and the characters who inhabit it. At the moment, I’m starting the wiki out with articles on the characters, although as the wiki grows it will also contain information on settings, shows-within-a-show, transcripts on stories, movies and comic books/graphic novels and even information on the cast and crew, so you might get to read an article about me!

This will be a never-ending project, as I’m always dreaming up new characters, stories and details for Canadian Boys and will need to inform fellow Wikians about the new info.

And I’ve only just gotten started!