OK, so this one may need a little bit of explaining. Back then, I used to have these fantasies about November and December of The Months being romantically involved with each other (possibly being the first-ever same-gender couple in my creative life), which eventually evolved into something a little more… paternal. Yes, November and December wanted children to call their own! (And in this incarnation, November was only 13 years old while December was 12. Isn’t that a bit too young?) Since they can’t biologically reproduce together, November may have enlisted the aid of a surrogate to carry out their wish for kids. What they didn’t expect was how many they’d end up having.

So that’s why there’s so many tiny November doppelgangers dotting every fillable space on this sheet of A4 paper. That must have been one prolific surrogate November enlisted! They are all dressed up in the same style as their ‘first father’, but in rainbow hues to avoid potential confusion amongst other family members, including November and December themselves. Some look a bit more grown-up up than others (evident in their size), while some are still learning some basic life skills like eating and using the toilet on their own. Some don’t even seem to know what the phrase ‘personal hygiene’ means – they’re sneezing all over the place without covering their mouths, picking their noses or even burping (as the tiny November doppelganger in the top-right corner has found out from drinking a bottle of ‘burp food’!)

December makes some small cameos around the drawing. He appears to be mourning the deaths of his two brothers (another fantasy I used to have), and ominously even imagining his own grave! In that case, November is right beside him praying that all his children live long, fulfilled lives and not kick the bucket early.

Strangely enough, after this drawing, November and December’s children were never referred to or drawn again. Maybe they actually were what they always were to me – simply a fantasy, an illusion born out of thinking about them getting together too much. So at least November and December aren’t going to have a big burden just yet.