At one point or another, I decided to turn the Los Ninos Meses series into a comic book, rather like I’d done with Danger November some time before. Until American Boys came about merely two years later, The Months/Los Ninos Meses had been my most successful series up to then. So it was right that it should expand out into a bigger franchise, and comic books were the ideal starting point towards that expansion.

After thinking this up, I designed this front cover for the first issue of the Los Ninos Meses 2007 comic book. As expected, I’ve managed to include all the Months as it’s obviously their first outing into the world of comics and so they’ll need a little visual introduction on the cover. Strangely enough, it still sports the Adventure People logo, as I thought the Months still hadn’t grown out of that umbrella term which I’d been using for a year or two prior. (It’s a sort-of spiritual successor to the Adventure Advanced Gang, in case you’re wondering.)

To celebrate this new milestone in the whole run of the Los Ninos Meses series, I’ve given some of the Months a redesign in terms of their outfits. For example, June and July have had the style of their pants reversed – June is now wearing trousers and July is now wearing shorts, as opposed to the other way round. (I would be using these designs for some time afterwards until the 2008 incarnation of the series.) November’s trousers have the lower parts cut off to make them knee-length shorts, and December is wearing a Santa Claus suit, matching with his general habit of wearing a Santa hat. (Even when it isn’t Christmas.) Weirdly enough, he’s the only one who has his skin coloured in; everyone else looks almost ghostly with skin matching the white of the paper.

Unfortunately, I never got around to creating the actual comic itself – my imagination was running all over the place and I couldn’t exactly concentrate on just one project. Also, the outdoors of Colombia (where I was living at this time) was too wide and varied to just stay inside my farmhouse all day, so it’s no wonder I never got on to it. So Danger November would be my only venture into comic books – for now, at least.