Every year in either April or March (depending on the year), Easter is celebrated. While it may be popularly associated with bunnies, lambs, chicks and coloured eggs in wacky colours and patterns (due to falling in the spring period), the festival actually has a much more serious side to it. Easter is actually a pagan festival celebrating the life of the Old English goddess Eostre, whose celebrations would be held during the month of the pre-Gregorian calendar corresponding to April. Many people, however, have interpreted it as celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified on the Cross circa 30 AD (in much the same way Christmas is celebrated as his birth on 25th December 0 AD). Eggs connect with Jesus in that they represent his empty tomb, which is why they are hollowed-out inside.

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And since I’m a huge fan of Hetalia: Axis Powers and the IAmMatthewian Project (now called Project Canada), the idea came to me: why not give each of the provinces their own personalized Easter eggs? That idea led to this drawing.


For easier identification while they were out hunting for these eggs (that’s the title of the drawing, after all), Canada hand-painted and etched each of the provinces’ postal abbreviations onto each one of the eggs, then hid them in randomized spots all around the provinces’ house. After a long afternoon spent rooting them out (and not without a bit of bickering and back-and-forth from Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec), they’ve all now returned to the centrepiece to show off their finds from this year’s big Easter egg hunt!

Obviously, since the eggs are labelled with the provinces’ postal abbreviations, each egg is matched up with the province whom it represents. I’ve coloured in each egg (so it wasn’t Canada, then?) using the specially-invented colour code I use whenever dealing with the provinces, with each colour representing one particular province.

Many of the provinces look pretty happy to have their own Easter eggs to eat – Nunavut especially – but some of them don’t seem to be enjoying it. Manitoba seems to be mad at Saskatchewan because his egg is only slightly bigger than his, while Quebec is also wondering why Ontario has a bigger egg than him. And Newfoundland seems to be surprised at having found an egg inside today’s catch, as is Yukon Territory, who was digging for gold and instead dug up an egg!

I’ve based Prince Edward Island’s pose somewhat on how Sherry Lai (the creator of the IAMP/Project Canada) drew her on the height reference chart for the series, but I’ve reversed it and made her hold an egg instead of a potato. It’s a sort of throwback to the IAMP days (before it got renamed Project Canada).



A very Happy Easter to all!